Turnkey Transmission Services

Turnkey Transmission Services

At KTL we have developed our business to provide a full turnkey transmission service. We provide a transmission planning solution including cluster planning, link planning, licensing and documentation to meet our client’s requirements. We learn network connectivity very rapidly, by analysis with our own software solution. We have acquired our own link planning tool, allowing us to mobilise quickly and provide flexibility to adapt to our client’s guidelines and network inventory. As part of our solution, we design to regulatory guidelines and engage with the regulatory body to license client solutions. We document all solutions to client requirements, including database cleansing, updating and handover of documentation to client stakeholders.

Our NOC provides quality, provisioning, migration, monitoring and handover services. This work is delivered on MPLS, Ethernet, TDM and ATM systems. Our people are experienced at effective communication with local and virtual teams to solve problems and deliver solutions.

Our field team are highly experienced at inventory storage, network intervention planning and rollout. Supported by the Planning and NOC teams, they plan efficient rollout, upgrading to high capacity and minimising down time. Using KTL Site viewer, they provide fast documentation delivery and remote site auditing with mobile video.

KTL provides a seamless transmission solution from early network planning and analysis to efficient and effective rollout of network solutions


Transmission Planning
  • Clusters – Links – Circuits – Rollout
  • Provisioning – Monitoring – Handover
  • Planning – Interventions – Access – Reporting – Audits – Handover
Cluster Planning
  • Software analysis of network topology
  • Allows rapid learning of network connectivity
  • Analysis for
    • Greater fibre density
    • Network Sharing
    • Capacity Planning & Upgrade
Link Planning
  • Use KTL owned tool for link planning
  • Rapid mobilisation
  • Cleanse data
  • Flexibility to adapt to client guidelines
Circuit Planning
  • Based on client TDM and Ethernet Guidelines and Network Capability
  • Analysis of medium & long term requirements
  • Documented in tools – Cramer
  • Pre-Intervention Monitoring of network for performance and stability
  • Intervention planning via client processes
    • Communication with NOC & Back Office teams
    • Demand management weeks in advance
    • Cooperation with other client projects
  • Provisioning Core and Access systems
    • Ethernet and TDM Systems(MPLS, TDM, ATM, DCN Management)
    • Data fill of Node Bs for IP RAN
    • Co-ordination between virtual teams – geographically separate
Field Implementation
  • Cluster planning for efficiency
  • Storage and reporting of all inventory
  • Full I&C capability – 2+0 Co-Channel Systems
  • Site Viewer Solution
    • Rapid documentation delivery
    • Remote site auditing using mobile video



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