February 2014: Storm Damage Repair work South West of Ireland

On Wednesday 12 February 2014 EUPower were called upon to help ESBN repair their network following the worst storm to hit Ireland in 25 years.

  • EUPower deployed 35 men to 3 locations on the morning of the 13 February 2014 and worked without break until Friday 21st February 2014. Resources were redeployed from other areas around Ireland.
  • Crews worked from 6.30 am to midnight to facilitate the emergency repair works.
  • 17 no. to ESB Tipperary Depot - covering the Limerick and Tipperary areas.
  • 14 no. to ESB Dunmanway Depot - covering west Cork.
  • 4 no. including P&M to West Clare.
  • The EUPower crews worked alongside ESBN as instructed to repair the networks as reports came in from line patrollers.
  • EUPower aided in Line Patrolling as well as repair and reconstruction work.
  • Since this ESBN requested EUPower to aid it follow up work with 4 no. 3 men crews working out of ESB Tipperary Depot until repair works are completed.


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