ESB Overhead Line Framework

EUPower, a KTL & GTS joint venture company, was awarded the contract to act as PSCS for the ESB Overhead Line Framework for client ESB Networks early in 2013. The framework consists of several projects to be complete over a 3 year period; Kellis to Kilkenny 110kV Line Refurbishment, Clonkeen 110kV Substation Reconfiguration, Cullenagh to Dungravan 110kV Line Refurbishment, Binbane to Letterkenny 110kV new line and Sligo LVR.


With Kellis - Kilkenny and Clonkeen finished, EUPower recently completed works on the Cullenagh - Dungravan 110kV Overhead Power Lines Refurbishment. 

This project involved:

  • Replacement of 5x pylons,
  • Replacement of 50x pole sets (varying from 16m to 23m),
  • 2x pole sets deplumed,
  • 46 No. cross arms replacements, 
  • 9 No. cross arms transferred,
  • Restringing of 15km including 1 phase OPPC,
  • 2 No. centenary guarding,
  • 5 No. anti-climb guards,
  • Restringing ACSR (wolf) 200mm2 with ACSR (bison) 430mm2 &OPPC equivalent.

Works have begun on binbane to Letterkenny 110kV New Line.

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